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  • 2021 Rocky planets might need to be the right age to support life (Matt Williams) | Universe Today
  • 2021 Life on Venus may have only been possible for its first billion years (Jason Arunn Murugesu) | New Scientist
  • 2021 Venus nach ihrer Entstehung womöglich 900 Millionen Jahre lang lebensfreundlich (Martin Holland, German) | Heise
  • 2021 New models show that Venus was likely habitable four billion years ago' (Bruce Dorminey) | Forbes
  • 2019 'Ik wil graag weten wat de invloed van leven op
    een atmosfeer is' (Esther Thole, in Dutch) | Kennislink
  • 2019 Et si... la vie n'était pas apparue sur Terre?
    (Jean-Baptiste Veyrieras, in French) | Science & Vie
  • 2015 If Earth never had life, continents would be smaller
    (Christina Reed) | Science Magazine
  • 2014 Does a planet need life to create continents?
    (Charles Q. Choi) | Astrobiology Magazine
  • 2013 Early life built Earth's continents
    (Michael Slezak) | New Scientist