Recent public event

14.03.22 Science Cafe Nijmegen
From evolution of planets to sparkles of life

Thanks to everyone who joined that great event from prebiotic chemistry to planetary physics!

Contributions to popular science articles

  • 2021 Rocky planets might need to be the right age to support life (Matt Williams) | Universe Today
  • 2021 Life on Venus may have only been possible for its first billion years (Jason Arunn Murugesu) | New Scientist
  • 2021 Venus nach ihrer Entstehung womöglich 900 Millionen Jahre lang lebensfreundlich (Martin Holland, German) | Heise
  • 2021 New models show that Venus was likely habitable four billion years ago' (Bruce Dorminey) | Forbes
  • 2019 'Ik wil graag weten wat de invloed van leven op
    een atmosfeer is' (Esther Thole, in Dutch) | Kennislink
  • 2019 Et si... la vie n'était pas apparue sur Terre?
    (Jean-Baptiste Veyrieras, in French) | Science & Vie
  • 2015 If Earth never had life, continents would be smaller
    (Christina Reed) | Science Magazine
  • 2014 Does a planet need life to create continents?
    (Charles Q. Choi) | Astrobiology Magazine
  • 2013 Early life built Earth's continents
    (Michael Slezak) | New Scientist
Popular science book contribution

Life Beyond Us

I contributed with an an essay about Venus' habitability to this fantastic project!