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It's great to share science with interested people. Discussions with people from outside the field often provide a different view on the research. And, of course, the more people become interested in planetary science, the better for the community!

Upcoming events:

Science Cafe Nijmegen - postponed
I'm looking forward to an exciting evening at the Science Cafe Nijmegen about life in the universe! Originally scheduled for March 16, the event has been postponed because of COVID-19 measures. Check out the Science Cafe website for any news, and join us if you like!

I have also contributed to several popular science articles, please find a selection below:

  • 2019 'Ik wil graag weten wat de invloed van leven op een atmosfeer is' (Esther Thole, in Dutch) | Kennislink
  • 2019 Et si... la vie n'était pas apparue sur Terre? (Jean-Baptiste Veyrieras, in French) | Science & Vie
  • 2015 If Earth never had life, continents would be smaller (Christina Reed) | Science Magazine
  • 2014 Does a planet need life to create continents? (Charles Q. Choi) | Astrobiology Magazine
  • 2013 Early life built Earth's continents (Michael Slezak) | New Scientist