Master Courses (Department of Earth Sciences, VU Amsterdam)

  • WS 20/21 Planetary Science (Master course)
  • WS 19/20 Planetary Science (Master course)

Slides and exercises are available on the internal canvas site

Supervised Master students

  • Lars Ruhe (2020, main supervision)
    Topic: The influence of the mantle oxidation state on the climate of Earth and Earth-like planets
  • Arlene Dingemans (2020, co-supervision)
    Topic: Insights from microphysical cloud modelling into the atmospheres of hot Jupiters
  • Mark Oosterloo (2019/20, joint supervision with the University of Groningen)
    Topic: The role of plate tectonics in the long-term evolution of CO2 on Earth-like planets
  • Linah Krigee (2019/20, main supervision)
    Topic: The influence of planetary albedo on the habitable zones of main-sequence stars
  • Amanda Kruijver (2019/20, main supervision)
    Topic: The impact of planet size on the long-term carbonate silicate cycle
Supervised Bachelor students

  • Chris de Jong (2020, co-supervision)
    Topic: Experimental evaporation of granitic magma
  • Evelien Trish de Moes (2020, co-supervision)
    Topic: Evaporating basaltic rocks

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